Our vision through each woven garment and accessories made entirely by hand




VEXA GAIA was born with the vision of creating garments and bags that are made entirely by hand. In each collection you can experience the savoir faire of each of our artisans, the demand placed on each detail makes each garment and each bag unique.
Our materials
The materials we use in each collection are selected among the most exquisite and unconventional, such as Cháguar fiber or vicuña or llama protein thread.

Source: Gran Chaco Foundation, Argentina.

Limited edition bags


Our bags are made one by one with leather working techniques of exquisite perfection.
Each one is different from another; The goldsmith work that accompanies the exclusive leather, and the timeless design, merge into true limited edition jewels.
VEXA GAIA is a company that was born in the heart of Buenos Aires, with the vision of its founder Verónica García Rossini.
Who through each collection ponders the Argentine artisanal technique, redesigns the timeless and creates exclusive collections between the past and the contemporary from ancestral materials.
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