We work with communities of artisans from all over Latin American who create pieces for a demanding, cosmopolitan, well-informed and luxurious markets around the world.


CHAGUAR from northern provinces of  Argentina  cloth was woven by women from  native Wichi communities.  

Animals are not harmed in the production of our materials.

Our brand conjugates avant-garde design, classicism and  appraisal of quality, each piece  representing the new luxury.

Our products are selected with high quality standards, produced in limited editions and unique pieces.

Silverware as a native Latin American tradition

Silversmithing is a traditional and autochthonous trade in Argentina as well as in other important  American countries.

Our Argentine goldsmiths stand out in the techniques and originality of their designs, creating unique pieces and in limited editions.

Precious materials  and most delicate natural fiber produced with  ancestral technique of our native peoples.

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